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"Larry Mullins' book, The MetaValues Breakthrough, shows how noble values and a life of purpose can transform ordinary existences into lives of unforgettable meaning and extreme worth. His message is timely and important. His personal story and mission are filled with inspiration and hope. Read this book today!"

- Robyn Freedman Spizman
Nationally Known Media Personality, Speaker and Co-author of Do Your Giving While You Are Living (with Edie Fraser, Morgan James Publishing, 2009)

"I am a psychologist, helping people to overcome emotional pain and unnecessary self-limitations. My doctoral dissertation was on an aspect of Abraham Maslow's metavalues. I totally agree with Larry about their vital nature and am grateful to him for continuing to develop what death prevented Maslow from doing. In The Metavalues Breakthrough, Larry does a marvelous job of incorporating wisdom and experience from his own life and those of many other outstanding people, integrating it all with Maslow's concepts to present the most advanced framework ever written for achieving lasting peace, joy and optimum actualization of potential. I would love to see The Metavalues Breakthrough as required reading for all high school seniors! I have seen Larry speak with powerful impact to both high school students and adults. His presentation is so genuine that the message goes beyond the words and he reaches each person as if it were a dialogue. His book has this same ability to be a special gift to each reader."

- Dr. Jill Strunk
4001 Huntington Dr.
Minnetoka, MN 55305
952 936 7547

"Larry Mullins in The Meta Values Breakthrough advances the Meta Values of Abraham Maslow by synthesizing the scientific, philosophical, and spiritual values of truth, beauty, goodness, and love into a vision of integrity, caring, and excellence to transform human motivation and achievement. This potential is demonstrated by illustrations of his own mental-spiritual pilgrimage and in the lives of people like A. J. Cronin, Viktor Frankl, Buckminster Fuller, and many others. Larry shows how the top one percent of achievers tap into an endless flow of energy, inspiration, and motivation. Steps are outlined to create your own vision of creativity and how to actualize this vision. Scientists, religionists, and philosophers will find much food for thought in these pages. In fact, I would urge anyone interested in spiritual growth and experiential wisdom to read this inspiring and helpful book and seek to put in practice, to live, its transforming insights."

- Meredith Justin Sprunger, M.Th. Ph.D.
Retired Minister, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"The MetaValues Breakthrough is superbly written, with both clarity and grace. It has been sometime since I've read much of Maslow, or about him, but this is the best overview I've come across. I've always felt that the insights and influence of Maslow have been overlooked and underrated. In my own life, I put him alongside Victor Frankl and Rollo May, who helped me as a young adult once and for all consciously transcend the dogmatism of behaviorism. I'm reminded of studies of the creative personality, which parallel, in large part, his description of the self-actualizing person. It also reminds me more recently of the work of Robert Greenleaf in “Servant Leadership.” I think The MetaValues Breakthrough has the making of a great work!"

- Merlyn Cox, M.Th.

"Many thanks for you’re an opportunity to review The MetaValues Breakthrough. Your manuscript is very powerful. I could not put it down. The MetaValues Breakthrough is an important expansion of your original ideas on values, and is simply awesome. I am certain it will become included in the mandatory reading at the JFK Special Warfare Center. I know I will be pushing for it, so our Special Forces warriors will be better prepared."

- Pat Sonti, Sergeant First Class, US Army
(Sgt. Sonti was awarded a Silver Star with a “V” device for valor by President Bush for his undercover Special Forces assignments in Iraq)