The MetaValues Breakthrough

The MetaValues Breakthrough Book CoverFOR THE FIRST TIME, The MetaValues Breakthrough makes the elusive process of Self-Actualization an experience-able, living reality for the "average" reader.

The MetaValues Breakthrough challenges the conventional view that Self-Actualizers are super-people who live on sustained peak levels of productivity and consciousness that are unattainable for most people. The MetaValues Breakthrough provides a proven methodology that lifts the lid from human potential as never before.

Brushing aside modern ideas that confuse platitudes with authentic values, The MetaValues Breakthrough brings Abraham Maslow's most important findings back to life.

Virtually any individual can access the inexhaustible power of MetaValues©. Knowing how to do this, aspiring actualizers no longer need be helpless victims of the volatile ebb and flow of ordinary motivation.

Although most of us have been underestimated and sold short, it is not too late. Even a meaningless life of stultifying boredom can be swiftly converted into a quest toward actualizing some personal mission—a worthy vision or dream—that is not yet a material reality, but ought to be.

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Contents and Preface
Introduction: The Top One Percent
Chapter One: The Lost Discovery

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