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Larry Mullins

Larry E. Mullins is the President and CEO of UltraSales, Inc., providing management consulting and syndicated marketing programs to retailers nationwide. He has conducted graduate school classes on creativity and personal development at several universities. He has lectured to businesses around the country speaking about the practical applications of MetaValues to modern commerce.

Mullins has written a number of books including, Immature People with Power, How to Handle Them. Joe Girard, recognized as the "world's greatest salespeson" in the Guinness Book of World Records, said of this book: "If I had read your book before I started I would have reached the top much sooner." Material from Immature People with Power was included in an officers training program by the U.S. Air Force. His latest book, The MetaValues Breakthrough, is the first complete presentation of his revolutionary concepts about the self-actualization process.

Larry is Marketing Feature Editor of Furniture World magazine (America's oldest trade magazine, with more than 100,000 readers including importers, manufacturers, vendors, and retailers). He has contributed articles on marketing and the application of MetaValues to business management for nearly 10 years. The magazine website, www.furninfo.com and his corporate website, www.ultrasales.com, contain an archive of more than 80 of his published articles. Also, go to www.larrymullins.com for more information on Larry as an author.

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