A Whole New Concept of Reality

A Few Ideas from Chapter Six of The MetaValues Breakthrough:

You were born with the legacy of the most prodigious data processor known to humankind. Unfortunately, you were not given comprehensive training nor even an operator's manual on how to use it. For this reason, few people benefit from even a fraction of their brain's capacity. In fact, even though we rely upon our brains constantly, we have no clue how they work.

If I were to ask you your telephone number, you would respond easily. However, if I were to ask you what looked for that number, where it found the number, and how it delivered that number to your conscious mind, you would be at a loss to answer me. Likewise, we admire people who make their living by creating—by writing, drawing, composing, etc.—yet you might be surprised to learn that creative practitioners really don't know how they do what they do. This is also true of kinesthetic geniuses––the basketball player who can sink a three-pointer without touching the rim, or the golf pro who makes an incredibly difficult putt on unfavorable terrain. The brain computes the math for athletes on a level beyond consciousness to calculate factors like distance, force, trajectory, etc., and translate them to precise commands for the muscles. Like the great creators, world-class athletes simply show up and cooperate with a process that no one can fully explain.

Clouds with sunlight breaking throughJohn Steinbeck declared that he was "split into three people" during the creative process, because he sensed he was being engaged in a three-dimensional adventure. Likewise, when you are involved in deep thinking about your life or any major problem or important goal, you may sense that you are also getting information from three sources. I will explain why this is so, and how to make this creative process work so effectively that you will astound those who now underestimate you. I will teach you the remarkable technique of MetaThink, and provide powerful methods to balance the information you receive from the resident "scientist" and "visionary" that are hardwired into your brain.

I call this multidimensional mental process MetaThink, because it transcends ordinary thinking. You will be able to understand MetaThink quickly and put it to use immediately in your life. The secret of MetaValues genius is bound up in MetaThink. MetaThink will connect you to inner resources that are beyond your ability to imagine now.

About the time Abraham Maslow was doing his important early work, John F. Kennedy was President of the United States. President Kennedy has often been heralded as a genius, yet he reportedly had an IQ of 119. Even so, in the domain of intellect, Kennedy gracefully held sway over the most impressive minds of his day and generation. Just a month before his fateful trip to Dallas in 1963, Kennedy was asked during his final press conference if he enjoyed being President. He replied that he did and went on to say that the definition of happiness, according to the ancient Greeks, is the "Full use of your powers along the lines of excellence."

In today's world, the demands on a visionary leader are even greater than they were in the days of John F. Kennedy. For this reason, I suggest expanding the ancient Greek definition to be more in accord with my research into the science of MetaValues: The definition of happiness is the full use of your powers along the lines of Integrity, Caring, and Excellence.

The MetaThink concept will be made clear to you in this chapter. I can write this with confidence, because we all have brains that were hardwired to think in three psychic dimensions:

  • the dimension of fact, or the way things are
  • the dimension of value, or the way things ought to be
  • the dimension of synthesis, or how best to get from the way things are to the way things ought to be