Imagine Living at Your Highest for the Rest of Your Life

For the first time, The MetaValues Breakthrough makes the elusive process of Self-Actualization an experience-able, living reality for the "average" reader. This book challenges the conventional view that Self-Actualizers are super-people who live on sustained peak levels of productivity and consciousness that are unattainable for most people. The MetaValues Breakthrough also provides a proven methodology that lifts the lid from human potential as never before. Brushing aside modern ideas that confuse platitudes with authentic values, Larry Mullins brings Abraham Maslow's most important findings back to life. Virtually any individual can access the inexhaustible power of MetaValues®. Knowing how to do this, aspiring actualizers no longer need be helpless victims of the volatile ebb and flow of ordinary motivation.

Although most of us have been underestimated and sold short, it is not too late. Even a meaningless life of stultifying boredom can be swiftly converted into a quest toward actualizing some personal mission —a worthy vision or dream— that is not yet a material reality, but ought to be.

  • We do not need to create a place of peace within, it is there for us in the everlasting "now." All we need do is step within this core for instant relief from harmful stress ... page 104.

  • Discover the sunlit plateaus of your superconscious mind—the domain of true creativity— where healing and wholesome cleansing of the soul take place ... page 108.

  • What is more powerful than a genius IQ? The rare ability to think in three dimensions! It takes a few minutes to learn MetaThink, yet it will ignite a quantum leap in consciousness. President John F. Kennedy understood it, and The MetaValues Breakthrough takes his ideas to another level ... page 117.

  • The century old story of Flatland should be taught in every college and university. Lean how most people never succeed because they are prisoners of a self-created "flatland" ... page 118.

  • Your brain is hardwired to perceive both dimensions of reality ... the domain of science (material reality or the way things are); and the domain of vision, spiritual insight (potential reality or the way things ought to be). The fortunate few visionaries who have discovered an "ought-to-be" vision and strive to make it a reality are the hope of the civilized world ... Chapter Six.

  • How the Next-Step Strategy can break the dead center of inertia forever ... page 136.

  • Learn how an American weightlifting coach experienced the secret mind-control and visualization techniques of Soviet athletes and revolutionized sports and business training. Learn how to put this amazing discovery to work and begin living at a new level of power and productivity ... pages 139-142.

  • Learn how to time frame, prioritize and apply the Pareto Principle to your "to do" list in a unique way and see your productivity soar ... page 153.

  • The Peak Experience that changed Abraham Maslow's life forever, and why you should never ignore your own Peak Experiences—they could be potential turning points! ... page 156.

  • The first great step in becoming incredibly happy is not to make a laundry list of the things you want, but rather to create a clearly defined vision of what you want to become. Learn exactly how to create this vision and alter your destiny ... page 167.

  • In 54 minutes you can formulate a daring vision and a revolutionary life plan beyond anything you ever dreamed ... page 166.

  • Anything—absolutely anything—that ought to be actualized, must be actualized. Circumstances may impede, but they cannot prevent. When you discover your personal ought to be, nothing can stop you. Universe forces will lift you to new heights ... page 193.

Exactly what are MetaValues? Why are they important? Paraphrasing a JFK tribute to Robert Frost, Larry Mullins explains the classic MetaValues of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in this way:

"When power leads us toward arrogance, Truth reminds us of our limitations. When power narrows our concerns to pure selfinterest, Beauty reminds us of the richness and diversity of the universe. And, when power injures and corrupts, Goodness heals and cleanses. For ultimately it is the MetaValues of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that must be the touchstones that determine our choices and configure our destinies."